Friday, February 24, 2012

The Journey Has Begun


So, I have officially started my diet/6 pan journey. I am a big fan of caffeine i.e (Pepsi, and Cola) so it is difficult to leave behind, but after all "We are what we eat" so I'm trying very hard to leave it. Im trying to just consume necessary calories and not consumable calories. " Easier said than done". well today was my second day of trying to get back into shape i just need to loose about 15 pounds and tighten up the edges, their getting a little loose. My primary reason in starting this blog is to get sponsored/ or review bodybuilding products i have plenty of colleagues being in the military and i can spread the word fast and people look up to me for advice so what better than to review the product and be a live representative for their product. follow me and stay tuned to see if i can get this six pack back.... till next time

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